A dream comes true...

Sailing Yacht Whisper

…how this all came about, all about us and our adventures on sailing yacht whisper.

all started with the desire to travel the world...

my first airplane trip was when I was 16 travelling to mexico and guatemala with my parents and sister. I was mind blown by all those colours, smells, tastes, the unique culture and all those almost overwhelming impressions. this triggered my thirst of wanting to explore the world. I am amongst the most fortunate people on planet earth and I did travel the world. My interest in environmental topics, sustainability, consciousness, awareness, living in harmony with nature and decreasing my negative footprint in all aspects of life lead me to my dream. hence, 4 years ago I started to visualize exploring the world in an environmentally friendlier way – today Im sitting on a sailing boat.

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Follow our adventure

I try to upload a snapshot of our adventures on a weekly basis. let’s see how it develops. hopefully small videos, pictures and some text to sweeten up your day in the office or wherever you may be. I am sending you my positivity and radiation from the caribbean –  I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. 

where we currently are located: