flying high and deep – week 30 solo

time is flying I cannot believe it. I am amazed how much I strive in my routine and how much I enjoy it. not a rigid plan of the day but small repetitive things, which make me happy. like waking up to the natural sunlight. without an alarm every day at the same time 07:09 – no kidding. sabrina, the gem, brings me coffee in bed. along that I roll around, read, listen to music or the birds chirping to the rising sun. this roughly two hours to wake up to and to get excited for the day without a rush – priceless. same to end every day by journaling and going to bed at a reasonable time, to rise again with the sun.

to be in balance and grounded I do not only need to feel my body from within. have my bodies awareness. feel my heart pondering in my chest. my stronger breath and the expansion of my lungs. the muscles contracting and relaxing. consciousness of all parts of my body. the release and flow of energy. but also my creative expression the only component missing at the moment. I am looking forward to experience my next wave of creativity – what will it be? sewing, drafting on my calabash lamps I started in curaçao? will see. how crazy, this to be my only worry. 

every day I went to the same vendor for my coconut water, his name is marcos. we chatted sometimes more, sometimes less depending on my spanish flow. haha. he works for about 1 month straight, every day, no weekend, to be then able to afford a trip home to the village he grew up in. over and over again. I felt bad to tell him that I just spent 7 month living a dream. I wonder would I be equally happy if we swapped roles? I will never know. but what I can do is to recognise and to be aware of my fortune and privilege. to enjoy my “freedom”, to live up to it fully and richly. to share my happiness and love, my love for life, to be an inspiration to others to also follow their path to make the most of our lifes at all times. 

I feel like I restored all my energy. I am finally at my full strength again. to further boost my groundedness I went to sound meditations, I treated myself with massages, a heart frequency concert and meditation in a breathtaking cenote, on private land, with a wonderful bunch of people. look a the pictures below the cenotes are just incredible, surreal and of unbelievable beauty. like living in a dream. they mesmerize me. the pictures do not give justice to these places but give you an idea of my awe… what a life. been flying super high and deep!! literally. haha.

I received these amazing pictures captured by matt, while I was exploring the cenote diving freely. so much to look at down there. so dark & gloomy. stalactites hanging of the ceiling. the cave going so far in you can not see the end… no wonder the cenotes are supposedly said to be the entrance to the underground world.

on saturday I was invited to celebrate the first anniversary of little kylo fox. it was such a fun and beautiful gathering of all the wonderful people I have met during my month in mexico. happy birthday kylo and congrats kiki and matt to your wonderful boy. I wish you only the best for the coming years… kiki, thank you so much for letting me in and be part of your community. you made me feel home and cared for, highly appreciated, it was a bliss. my home is your home and I hope to host you one day too. 

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love your heart so much! The gorgeous cenotes are where I go in my meditations. I hope to see them for real one day!

    We Quakers have a saying, “This friend speaks my mind.” I understand well your thoughts on privilege because I often feel the same. I believe love is the answer to all things and it hurts to see those we love treated or living so unfairly.

    My love to you for peace and safe happy adventures to come. My love to the mama and baby!!

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