love letter to zurich – week 31 & 32 solo

home sweet home for a little bit. wow, I had a wonderful time. it was an incredible experience to be home for a holiday only. the moments with my family and many friends were short but deliciously sweet. I did not manage to see everyone and Im very sorry. my agenda was jampacked. I did so much, here in short: luggage wanted to stay in paris without me for an extra night. yoga. lunches. dinners. dancing. coffees. visiting the kunsthaus. swimming. enjoying a photo presentation. entering the wrong train including being fined as I forgot to buy a ticket because we were so absorbed in my storytelling. catching up with mo again recapitulating – what a word – our trip. spending lots of time with my parents and their dog clara, as well as my sister and her horse leia. trail hiking, I can not call it running anymore with my weak sailing legs. welcoming the freshly born calfs on the farm. more coffees, lunches and dinners. spending time with my favourite wild twins – they loved their skinny dip in the cold water – it did not feel appropriate to join them as we are back in conservative switzerland haha. dentist, hairdresser and all that jazz. bootcamp including a dip in the lake of zurich once with cloths by accident haha jap you read right, dont ask haha and then like normal people in my bikini –  the way home was a bit cold and wet. I spent a lot of time walking in the sun along the lake and in the forest. so beautiful to witness the spring awakening, listening to all the birds chirping excitedly telling their adventures from their commute over winter… 

how can it be possible to be so much in love with nature? it does not matter if it is the sea, desert, jungle, forest, mountains, rivers, lakes, snow, trees, a field full of wild flowers or just rocks or anything really. there is beauty and my awe wherever I look and go. I would say I am home where my heart is. this comes with advantages and disadvantages. home can be anywhere and sort of is nowhere at the same time. 

having said that it is so beautiful realising how much I love to be in zurich, my home town where I grew up. the place where I can float around space carefree and light. familiarity, comfort and ease. being surrounded by so many precious souls. being carried by a huge network. so amazing to feel that you all share my excitement for my adventures. your curiosity and questions invigorate me – questions I never posed myself – stimulating food for thought. I am so grateful to have all of you in my life, this of course includes the ones I did not manage to see… thank you to the moon and back for being in my life, for your inspiration and letting me inspire you, sharing laughter, joy and happiness, for listening and holding up my mirror for me, for literally everything.

some snapshots of my days. wondering forests. being a tourist in zurich. diving into the sea of colours and sound for ages – we did not want to ascent anymore… absorbing the simplicity about being a child. soaking up the utmost beauty of my surrounding wherever I go.

time to make a move again. soon getting ready to cross the atlantic ocean. hell yeah. love you all xx

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