embarking on our adventure – week 34

anticipation for uncertainty. an interesting feeling. having no idea what to look forward to, but still looking forward to it. I wonder how the crossing will be like. will it be enjoyable? how is my body going to cope with being at sea for 3 weeks plus? there might also be a little awe and respect in the mix of feelings. exciting!! 

we are preparing the boat. small jobs here and there… I climbed the mast to check the rigging, I put dubbin on the shroud caps and enjoyed the view of the bay and the lagoon while doing so. floriane went up to capture the pictures. the boat is filled to the brim with diesel almost 1000 litre just in case – we know we will have to motorsail for a certain part as we are going through a high pressure system to catch the westerly winds a bit further north to get to the azores. or will it end up being madeira or straight to gibraltar? the weather will decide for us when we get there. we rigged the code zero for light winds. provisioning, also the cupboards are filled to the brim with food. only one last run for the fresh produce before we are sailing off. closely observing the weather and exchanging opinions on which day is best for our departure with tina and werner from sy wind of change. we are also looking into communication while at sea with the world as well as with tina and werner, which will be on their way across too. we have itchy feet and are keen to hit the road, or better hit the sea…

while patiently waiting for a good weather window, we also take the time to do some exploring of saint martin. the sun is brutal, I try to avoid it as much as I can. haha. 

I was spoiled. thanks to brian, vanessa and floriane for making my day so special – I will never forget my 4th 30th birthday on sv brivan. I enjoyed my day to the fullest and was delighted to have my friends, tina and werner, over for dinner. loved your epic present which had sabrina written all over it. 

keep your fingers crossed for us please. the wind looks good for the coming week, we hope it stays that way. we are ready to embark on our adventure. we pray to all the weather and ocean gods we know of to have the forces in our favour! 

in case you do not hear from me for some time you can be sure Im on my way. sailing. star gazing. calling whales and dolphins. enjoying harmony, infinity and peace on the open blue. probably, thinking of you. somewhere on the vast atlantic ocean. sending you my love x

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  1. Beth Browne

    I am so envious! Happy birthday! Fair winds and following seas and I am holding you in the light for a safe and easy passage. Much love!

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