sea to summit to office – week 39

2026nm sailed with sy whisper around the caribbean sea plus the atlantic crossing with 2420nm on sv brivan. I sailed 8234 kilometre or in other words 1/5 of the worlds circumference. wow!

land, animals, nature and mountain bathing. soaking up the pristine landscapes in switzerland and slowly re-socialising myself… settling in. spending loads of time with friends. living the life of all lifes. so happy to be home.

my sailing adventure comes to an end after 10 months. back to seeking different kinds of thrills, the more remote the better. I now find myself observing birds in the sky and all sorts of mountain animals in the rocks with the binoculars. what a wonderful life I have. peace. protection. surrounded by beautiful souls. no worries at all. I could not possibly ask for more. I still believe I am one of the most fortunate persons on planet earth. are you too? 

I believe life starts, where fear ends. 

soon back to the office. stay tuned and I will catch you later, when Im documenting more stories of my life again… x

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