patiently waiting – week 35

wow. its been a while and so much has happened in the meantime. lets travel back in time to fill you in and enjoy it once again…

I never get tired to explore. new beaches. natural rock pools. getting carried away while swimming and floating in the ocean to then be late for coffee with sy wind of change. so sorry. hiking the highest point of saint martin, pic paradis. being accompanied by the cutest street dog ever. I would have loved to take him home with me. really. we walked more than one hour side by side having the most beautiful conversation from human being to dog. we clicked. I wished him well and he ran off to new adventures. 

marigot bay our home for the past two weeks. we prepared the boat. mainly food shopping – I felt crazy at the super market with our trolleys several times filled to the top. we wanted to be prepared to have food all the way to gibraltar, just in case. being vegan that means a lot of fresh vegetables. fresh long lasting stuff but also frozen veggies for the last few days of the journey. it turned out to be the perfect amount of food. waiting, studying and assessing the weather. it was decided we will make use of a good weather window opening up on the 6th of may. on thursday 5th of may we lifted the anker in marigot bay. 

brian the legend wanted to spoil us with the last anchorage in the caribbean being anse marcel. a secluded, exclusive, sheltered bay. I was very thankful for it. I went on a mission and found huge turtles feeding on seaweed. walked the gorgeous white beach. weightlessly floated in the caribbean waters one last time… pure happiness and joy, charged for the crossing of the atlantic. 

just as we were lifting our anchor on friday morning the 6th of may I received a message from a dear friend. he was providing me with food for thought for my journey. he was highlighting the fact that he believed I was celebrating life on a daily basis. inspiring and beautiful he said. it still moves me to tears today. I believe I am. well, looking at all the pictures of the past months, I guess its not that difficult. but it still is a choice. my choice. I am so grateful for everything in my life. everything I was given and provided with, all the presents of life. all the love, hardship, pains, teachings, learnings, encounters, friendship, partings, … all which lead me to the way I am today. lead me to the here and now. filling my life with another adventure, another awesome story to tell. deciding to crew on a catamaran to cross the atlantic. hell yeah, see you later caribbean bring it on atlantic ocean. 


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