appreciating solid ground – week 38

21/May/2022 12:00:32 UTC
037° 03.941N, 033° 07.723W / Course: 71° @ 5.6 knots


A mystic layer of mist and fog lured around us. All day and all night. The radius of our visibility was tiny, sailing into the nothing. It was a little spooky – we were waiting for Johnny Depp to show up on Black Pearl – sadly he didn’t. We enjoyed the calm conditions, light winds yet good progress on our mileage. Only 230nm to go! Yeees! Not just our fellow sailor family but also the dolphins are still travelling with us – pure bliss.

22/May/2022 12:00:35 UTC
037° 50.050N, 030° 29.500W / Course: 67° @ 6.1 knots


Sitting on top of the world, our world, for now over a fortnight. Or in other words sitting on the roof of BriVan. The probably most exclusive whale watching tour in the Azores with an epic 360 degrees view. The perfect day, the best conditions on the trip, a gentle swell pushing us ahead, calm sea, a hush of a breeze on the beam to make us fly gracefully towards our destination of choice; Azores here we come! Due to the calm conditions we realised that we were never alone. We were surrounded by sea life all along. We spotted at least 4 different kinds of fins additionally to the usual dolphins which accompanied us. They might have been huge dolphins, whales or sharks but they were there in vast numbers. Amazing and very exciting to observe. Euphoria now a regular visitor on board we will arrive soon. Time to recuperate the crossing. Realising how fortunate and privileged we are. We will forever share this gorgeous experience and adventure. We started the crossing as acquaintances and will finish it as friends. 
We also received the relieving news that the medical examinations of the father turned out to be clear. The family will be reunited upon our arrival in Horta.

probably my most precious moment of the crossing. I was at peace. content. happier I could not possibly be. just me, the sun, the wind and the sea. vastness. the moment an analogy of life. hidden gems below the surface. grace and bliss showing up whenever ready to be revealed. one just has to be patient enough and perceive, receive when it is here to see. celebrate when it comes, enjoy when it stays. letting go when it is gone. a hell lot of very little around me, only water, the ocean, yet so much around me, the endless ocean, almost everything there will ever belight. love. purity. harmony. eternity. breathtaking beauty.

23/May/2022 12:00:32 UTC
038° 31.919N, 028° 37.390W / Course: 61° @ 3.9 knots

Laaaaandfaaaaall! Weeepeee! We have arrived!!! We first enjoy the arrival and post about our final adventures a little later on…

26/May/2022 00:00:35 UTC
038° 31.927N, 028° 37.377W / Course: 117° @ 0.0 knots

What an ending. Engine trouble on the sailing vessel we accompanied for the past few days. We had to turn around to get to them. It was already getting dark. First attempt seemed to fix the issue but later that night it was the end of it. Brian made the call to tow them. We prepared the ropes. It was foggy, mystical and pitch black. On the second attempt the rope was transferred and attached. The last 30nm we motored together. What a show down. We were wrapped to see the two volcanoes peaking out on top of the clouds and the shore below the fog. We were already very close to Horta. They let go of the rope as their father and husband had rejoined them by dinghy to sail the last bit into the harbour. An emotional reunion. In the meantime we dropped our anker. It wasn’t a suitable spot after all. Unfortunately we picked up a huge anker chain, we were stuck. Combined forces and a brilliant idea by Vanessa did the trick. We were free again and were able to move to a better spot. Another big reunion for us too. Our Frenchy moved to the other boat six days ago. We transferred her on the open ocean to the other boat to support the mother with the children, as emotional support and to help sail. We are incredibly proud of her for doing so. What a warrior and kind hearted beautiful soul – such an honour to meet you and spend this one in a lifetime experience with you! I went over to the dock to pick her up with the dinghy. We celebrated with a Champagne shower by Brian and enjoyed to have Floriane back on board. We got ready and hit the town. First time to set foot on land after 17days. It was solid, very solid. We walked the entire town and appreciated everything, especially all the green exceptionally beautiful parks. What an adventure which always will remain in our hearts as a unique and special experience – a one in a life time. Thank you so much Brian and Vanessa for sharing your boat with us and let us enjoy and participate in a section of your adventures on BriVan. We are very grateful for your open mindednesses especially in regards to our vegetarian and veganism – so much appreciated. It was a great pleasure and honour to be part of your crew. As a sailor myself – you are an awesome captain – thank you for the many teachings, discussions, sharing of knowledge and your patience. 😉

we have arrived. I imagined the arrival and the longing for land to be more intense. I think I could have continued to sail for a bit longer… nevertheless, we made the most of being on the azores island faial in horta. we rented a car for two days and went for a mission. around the gorgeous island.

by coincidence while driving, floriane’s copilot, brian found this super gorgeous restaurant in the middle of nowhere. a secret gem surrounded by lush nature called o esconderijo. we were very surprised when the owner told us about the concept. local, seasonal, plant based food without preservatives. it had “sabrina” written all over it. I was in food heaven.

we took a walk up to the lighthouse and around the young volcanic land. during an eruption only 60 years ago the island grew by two square kilometres. very picturesque and a gorgeous contrast to the lush and highly fertile rest of the island.

we were still searching for the giants of the ocean, well equiped with binoculars as our constant companions. floriane took up the challenge to perpetuate our arrival in horta – a tradition for years for every sailing boat to arrive in horta. she drew our view from sv brivan in saint martin. if you pass bye our drawing, please make sure to take a picture and send it to us.

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  1. Whoohooo! I love that you could have sailed a little bit more! So glad the dad is okay!! Super-cool to find that restaurant! I wanna go there!! (((Hugs)))

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